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Wooden base, plaque and logo (sample image only). *Logo Formats: AI, EPS or CDR (Design not included)

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Trophies with Huichol art intervention mounted on base and plaque with logo engraving

These Huichol art golf tournament trophies are prized for their beauty and detail. Huichol designs usually represent elements of nature, such as animals, plants and spiritual symbols. Each piece is unique and has a special meaning within the Huichol cosmovision.

The trophies are mounted on a wooden base and the logo of your company is placed on them, either in a gold, silver, or colored plate

"* Sample image only: These are some samples of the trophies that have been assembled so you can have an idea of the variety of them, we ask you to check availability at the time of ordering, as we depend on the inventory that is available.

** You can also go to our website and see the available options.  See figures

7 x 24 x 22.5 cms

Wooden base:
6.5 x 4.3 x 24 cms

Engraved plate:
4 x 9 cms

Wood base.- It is important to ensure that the chosen wooden base is of high quality and attractive in design and suitable for executive gifting.

The base that we use is finely finished and can be with different shades of ink to give it an attractive design. For our recognitions we use walnut, mahogany and chocolate tones as standard. If you want any additional customization in colors, do not hesitate to contact us.

walnut color
walnut color
mahogany color
mahogany color
chocolate color
chocolate color

Remember that Huichol Art is a highly valued form of cultural expression, so it is important to acquire these pieces from respectful sources and support the indigenous artists who create them.

"To get the volume discounts you will only need to add the pieces and go to the cart, once there you will see the discount applied automatically, process your order and payment, once we have the confirmation we will contact you to coordinate the selection and shipping."

For special figures, please contact a consultant and request a quote.

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Weight 0.75 kg
Dimensions 7 × 24 × 22.5 cm
Plate (options)

Silver plated, Gold plated, Color (Sublimation), Other options, Without plate


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