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In Tayaupa & Handicrafts from Mexico © We commercialize Mexican art in wood such as the alebrijes carving or tonas of the highest quality, ideal pieces to be a present that the recipient will appreciate all his life, being a great option to build loyalty to your clients and closest collaborators. Here are some executive gift ideas that incorporate the alebrije technique. We are proud to offer these magnificent alebrije awards, designed to celebrate triumphs, promote values and honor Mexico's cultural legacy. Join us on this journey to appreciate and preserve the beauty of alebrijes while strengthening business ties with elegance and authenticity. The handcrafted nature of Huichol art awards allows for exclusive customization for every occasion.  

Why choose an original Alebrije piece? It is the center of attention as it is a unique, elegant and sophisticated selection; created with the magic and talent of the artist; that will be conserved and exhibited with pride as it is a work of great quality. Our catalog offers you an exceptional range of unique and meaningful gifts, perfect for impressing and delighting your business partners, prominent clients or key members of the executive team.

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100% Mexican Gifts - Executive and Corporate: Alebrije awards for executives can be a unique and meaningful way to honor their achievements and contributions in the business environment. Alebrijes are Mexican folk art works full of color and creativity, making them distinctive and memorable gifts.

Wooden alebrijes: Alebrijes are colorful carved wooden sculptures that have their roots in Mexican culture. They are a charming and unique option for corporate gifts, as they reflect the creativity and traditional crafts of Mexico. Consider gifting an authentic Huichol art piece, such as a sculpture. These pieces are handcrafted by Huichol artists and feature vibrant colors and designs that represent their culture and traditions. You can choose a piece that fits the right size and budget.

Alebrije with base
→ Mini Alebrije

Personalized Mini Alebrijes: Give away small handmade alebrije sculptures with company logos or colors. 

Jaguar walking
Jaguar - Alebrije

The executive gifts Wooden Alebrijes can be a unique and culturally significant choice. The wooden alebrije made in Oaxaca is a traditional Mexican art form that uses wood carving and painted intricate designs to decorate the figure with images and fretwork.

Decorative figures: You can find figurines made of wood carving in designs of fretwork or tribal symbols and elements of nature. These figurines can be displayed on the desk, bookshelf or as decorative pieces in the office.

The alebrije figures are decorated with fretwork, flowers, images, etc. that are painted forming drawings full of magic and symbolism. The result is works of great color and quality. 

"The figures are mounted on wooden base and have your company logo placed on either a gold or silver plaque of your choice."

Oaxacan handicrafts with personalized alebrijes: If you are looking for a more unique gift, consider commissioning a personalized alebrije wood craft, trophy, awards or a piece of alebrije artwork that incorporates relevant corporate logos or designs on a commemorative plaque. This can be a unique way to show appreciation and personalization in the gift.

The corporate gifts that our customers usually choose are directly from our catalog or personalized gifts, being possible pieces in a wide range of prices and sizes, according to the customer's requirements.

Jaguar heads
Heads - Jaguar
Alebrije owl
Trophies & Awards

Boxes with alebrijes: Alebrijes boxes or sets are created with a set of alebrijes that include several different figures. They can represent animals, mystical creatures or even iconic characters related to the company. They are decorative and utilitarian objects made by artisans of the Mixtec - Zapotec culture in Oaxaca, Mexico. 

Alebrije Collection
Boxes (Alebrije)
Alebrijes mini
Collection - Alebrijes

The boxes of collection with alebrijes they are a wonderful choice for lovers of Mexican art and collectors. These boxes can contain a selection of mini alebrijes or a larger single piece, and are often made from high-quality materials to protect and enhance the beauty of the sculptures.

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Remember that the Wooden Alebrije is a highly valued form of cultural expression, so it is important to acquire these pieces from respectful sources and support the artists who create them.

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It is important to purchase these crafts through reliable stores or distributors that work directly with the artists and respect their work and traditions. This way, you can ensure that the gifts are authentic and that the artists receive fair recognition for their work.