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Blog of crafts from Mexico.- It is a proposal to document the different techniques of Mexican crafts. Mexico and its artisans are the ideal combination that will take us on this journey so that we can recognize the origin of Mexican artisan work.

Who are the Wixarikas?

09/11/2023 Por Tayaupa 0

The Huicholes are part of the Mexican people. They currently live in the north of Jalisco, part of Nayarit, Zacatecas and Durango, up in the mountains that cross these states; they live quite isolated. They still preserve very ancient customs, of which they are very proud. The Huicholes are...

Tonas, nahuales, alebrijes... a sacred link.

09/11/2023 Por Tayaupa 0

In Oaxaca the carving of nahuales is done, in the village they are also called "Tonas" which according to the Zapotec cosmovision are animals that mark our life when we are born, in the pre-Hispanic calendar there are twenty tonas: coyote, lizard, armadillo, turtle, snake, rabbit, deer, frog, dog, monkey,...

Dazzling Glow in Huichol Art

15/08/2023 Por Tayaupa 0

Huichol art is not only a striking visual expression, but also a manifestation of the cultural, spiritual and communal identity of the Huichol people.