Huichol art in Mexico

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Huichol Crafts

Huichol Art in Mexico. For the Wixárika, making a piece is equivalent to 'speaking with the soul'; this is why we will never find two identical pieces. If you are a lover of Huichol art you have arrived to what could be your new favorite website, here we will tell you all the history of this incredible culture, their worldview, their symbols and you can find their beautiful art such as masks, jewelry, skulls, bowls, weavings, paintings, backpacks and much more.

Meaning of Huichol Art

Huichol art has its origins in ritual art, which is characterized as a specific religious practice of an ethnic group, in which the community's own identity is defined as well as its cosmogony. This ancestral art arises in the tradition, as a representation of the images visualized by the marakame also known as shamans, these visions arise from the consumption of hikuri or peyote, which allows them to travel through the threshold of an unknown universe and thus be able to establish a direct relationship with the divine. Huichol art possesses a hypnotic beauty that is not only composed of myths drawn in yarn or thread, but also each artistic creation has a great cosmogonic dimension that reveals part of its spiritual richness.

An art linked to experiences

This ritual art is one of the few types of art where each piece created is strongly linked to a mystical meaning.The spirit is seen as raw material in this type of art and vice versa.

Each piece of art elaborated by these artisans and artists is based on their experiences. associated with the consumption of peyote or hikuri, since it is from this interaction that the figures and the great coloring characteristic of this beautiful art emerge.

"The techniques used in Huichol art are the application by hand of chaquira stones, which are placed one by one on the piece to be decorated, and the stamen, with which they are placed on the piece to be decorated. create multicolored drawings that represent their symbology and cosmovision, that is, their way of seeing life."

What does the word Huichol mean?

The name Huichol is derived from the Wixárika word, which means "soothsayer or shaman". or "deep-hearted person who loves knowledge", the Huichol language belongs to the Uto-Aztecan language family. It is important to note that the "Huicholes" prefer to be called Wirrárika or Wixárika and in plural Wixaritari.

Wixárika Origin

The Huicholes are a very special ethnic group in our country.The members of the community have been in charge of keeping their culture and traditions alive through the passing of time.

Its exact origin has not yet been corroborated.The Huichol are believed to be descended from different ethnic groups that were once settled in the Sierra Madre Occidental.